Partners and customers

ParkerSciTech Group LLC

The Parker SCITech Group brings highly experienced individuals together to form dynamic management teams who collaborate, recommend and implement innovative technical solutions for our customers in the government, military and healthcare sectors. Our team members are recognized as experts in software/systems engineering, information assurance, program/project management, C4I support and logistics support, with unique expertise in BioTech and Medical Program Management.


Innovative BioResearch

Innovative BioResearch, Incorporated (IBR) is a biotechnology company specializing in the development of novel antimicrobial drugs and prophylactic vaccines to target current existing pathogens as well as new emerging threats.


Quality “Plus” Construction (QPS)

Quality "Plus" Services (QPS) is a unique Industrial Engineering, Design and Construction company. It's unique in that the founders of QPS wanted to provide multi-disciplined services to the industrial, utility, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors of today's markets where no project is insignificant regardless of the size.


Agresti Biofuels

AGRESTI Biofuels, LLC is organized to process MSW or other specific cellulosic feed stock material into saleable materials including ethanol utilizing the patented GeneSyst process invented by James Titmas.



Nu-Energie, will promote the use of alternative fuels through the production of biodiesel and the education of local and state businesses on the benefits of alternative energy. We will supply high quality biodiesel resulting in a cleaner environment with less waste and improved efficiency. We will provide long-term economic growth while maintaining a solid rate of return for our investors. Through research and development, we will strive to find new alternative fuel sources for the production of biodiesel in order to remain at the forefront of the biodiesel industry.

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