• Continuously improve the quality of life, safety, and security for people by developing and producing innovative biofuels, biotech, and environmental improvement solutions



  • We are quickly becoming a leader in the field of renewable and alternative energies, biopharmaceutical research, development, and production of government and commercial life science products and services

LifeGrid Solutions
services and solutions:


    LifeGrid Energies and Environment provides turn-key renewable energies and environmental solutions that utilize the most advanced systems and processes to increase energy independence and improve environmental conditions.

    LifeGrid Construction specializes in construction of biofuel refineries, solar energy projects and biotech laboratories.

    LifeGrid Biotech is producing proprietary technology to meet the needs of the US Government’s Biodefense programs.
latest news
  • LifeGrid Solutions, LLC Special Purpose Revenue Bond (SPRB) was officially signed and enacted into law by the Governor of Hawaii
  • With reference to Lifegrid’s employed Agresti and GeneSyst waste to energy technology..."has a much more environmentally friendly, more reliable water based process that can handle all of [the] County's residential garbage in a small plant with no waste processing emissions....What's left gets processed in an energy efficient, underground pressure cooker loop into sugars, which yeast turn into ethanol. This is the greener deal, healthier for residents with less greenhouse gases and pollution." Sandy O'Brien, Conservation Chair, Dunelands Sierra Club - June 2008
  • Track HB1678 HD1 SD2 through Hawaii State Legislature 2009 Regular Session
  • State of Hawaii legislation introduces special revenue bond bill for LifeGrid's Hawaii based alternative biofuels project
  • LifeGrid Solutions LLC is moving to incorporate its renewable energy division here after seeing what it thinks is a golden opportunity - O'ahu's mountains of trash....