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LifeGrid Solutions offers solar installation, development, Maintenance, and consulting services

LifeGrid Solar is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and utilizes state of the art solar technology with teaming partners who are international leaders in design, engineering, and development of cutting edge, fully warranted and insured solar products and professional services.

  • LifeGrid Solar Program includes the following benefits:
    • Options for zero upfront capital costs for businesses
    • Options for zero operations and maintenance costs
    • Immediate savings of monthly electric bills
    • Cap on long term energy costs for 15 to 20+ years
    • Public relations benefits of using green energy
    • Full insurance coverage for business interruption and system failure included
    • Best of breed solar technology and equipment
    • Responsive customer service, installation, operations, and maintenance

    To learn more, please contact David.Ushio@lifegridsolutions.com