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  • Ethanol Production by Gasification - Potential Feedstocks
    • The use of the gasification process on the front-end allows for the conversion of virtually any carbon-based input material into syngas. Examples of potential feedstock include but are not limited to:
      • Biomass
        • Virtually anything that contains carbon can be used as a feedstock for ethanol production
      • Municipal Landfill and Industrial Wastes
        • Sludge from waste water treatment process
        • (MSW) Tires, paper products, left over construction materials, etc....
        • Biohazard Waste
        • Non-biodegradable plastics
      • Agricultural Waste
        • Stalks of harvested crops
      • Forest Products
        • Woodchips and waste from the logging industry
      • Energy Crops
        • Sugar, Corn, Soybean, etc....
      • Bagasse
        • Remaining residue once sugar has been squeezed from the sugarcane